Being mindful of fair housing as we decorate for the holidays
A publication of the National Center for Housing Management  |  Dec. 2017
Building a (paper) bridge: Leadership in action
By Paul Votto, National Director of Housing Programs
As those of you who have attended our Certified Manager of Housing, Certified Manager of Maintenance, or Certified Financial Specialist program can attest, at NCHM we love using team participation exercises in our classroom training. The exercises vary but they all have two things in common: they are intended to help reinforce the concepts we teach, and they are almost always the highlight of the program.
During a recent Supervisory and Leadership training program for staff of the New York City Housing Authority, we did an exercise we haven't done in over 30 years, and the results were nothing short of amazing.
In the exercise, the participants were divided into two teams of eight and nine people. A leader was appointed for each team. The teams were tasked with building a bridge out of materials supplied by the instructor ...
How to reduce the stress of debt collection
By Gwen Fuszner, NCHM instructor
So you’ve made it to property manager! Congratulations! You probably love your job and all the responsibility and problem solving that comes with it, with one exception: Those Dreaded Collections. Chasing money isn't anyone’s favorite part of the job. In fact, it can be the one weak link in an otherwise stellar operation. Need some help? Let us introduce you to the Four Ps of Debt Collection.
If you are lucky enough to have a staff, maybe a leasing agent and/or an assistant manager, which of the three of you is better at being direct, handling difficult conversations, and getting notices out on time? This is the person who needs to be responsible for collections. The key is that you must assign this task to a specific individual and it is important that this person is someone whose skill set is well suited to take on the challenges we face when collecting debt. If you are the only person running your office, you will need to hone these skills within yourself.
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Special Claims
Live webinar - Dec. 19
Is your property leaving money on the table? Lisa Vercauteren looks at Special Claims – what they are, what projects can submit requests, and what is required for approval.
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Is Independent Living Illegal?
Live webinar - Dec. 19
Paul Votto explores what is meant by "independent living" in senior housing, how it may violate fair housing law, and what lies ahead.
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